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Pronto Cafe.. which is quite ‘lenta’ (slow)

11 Nov

Place: Cafe Pronto, Hill Road, Bandra (W)

Rating: 2.5/ 5

‘Pronto’ is a small cafe tucked quietly behind a bus stop opposite Kobe Sizzlers, Bandra. We would have almost missed it had we not known that it was definitely there. 🙂 I and my old buddy met here for lunch on a thursday afternoon. Being a weekday, and lunch time we had expected that it would not be crowded – but we were happy to see that we were the only customers (thankfully we were later joined by two more groups).

This cafe has the usual chrome chairs and tables and lamps decor with nice bright yellow walls. A small place, it accomodates only four tables and another person can squeeze in at the bar seating. The cuisine is Italian with the usual fare of pasta and pizzas. Sadly, no good drinks or other accompaniments were visible on the menu so we settled for a soft drink, one pasta in cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms and a pizza with vegetables and paneer toppings.

To our dismay, the soft drink was the only item served to us immediately. The rest of the two orders took one full hour to arrive and the pizza was served after us asking them as to whether they had forgotten about the order. The pasta was the usual fare- nothing extraordinary. If you, like me, are obsessive about hygiene, then please be prepared. I had not expected to see grime on the white plate that the pasta was served on and despite the pasta being reasonably good, the lack of hygiene did mar the experience.


The pizza, when we were finally graced by its arrival, definitely did make us forget about the long wait. It was delicious, scrumptious and one of the best pizzas I have had in recent times. The base was just the right not so thick not so thin crust, the pizza sauce was fresh and not the bottled version and the toppings were delicate and fresh too! And of course, the portions were quite large, much to our delight.


All in all, Pronto cafe is recommended when you have loads of time to kill and are blessed with the virtue of patience (unlike I) and are looking to have some authentic delicious pizza!



8 Nov

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