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Mukesh Ambani’s favorite Idli Dosa place… (that’s what the owners and the pictures posted here say)

3 Jan

Mysore Cafe. To quote them- ‘the oldest and most authentic south Indian food Joint’.

An honest confession. I do not have any pictures at all from this place. Zilch. Coz every time I go here, which is one too many, I forget all about taking pictures (in fact, I remember anything about my camera only some two hours after I am done with a meal here). There is a big reason. Who ever thinks of taking pictures when all you can think of is what all you are going to have here. I cant.

Let me tell you my, my friends, my families normal experience at Mysore Cafe. Arrive, hunt for a place to sit, order ‘dubra’ freshly brewed filter kaapi (coffee) immediately. Then order a repeat of the coffee. By then we would have decided what all we want to eat. Most of the times (99% of the times) we end up eating EVERYTHING on the menu. What did I and M (my hubby) eat the last time we were there? Hold your breath. Rassam wada, medu wada sambhar, idli chutney and sambhar, mysore dosa, khoto idli, onion uttapam, rawa dosa, neer dosa, aaloo kurma poori, pineapple sheera (sweet porridge/halwa), masala dosa, sada dosa and of course… kaapi in dubra. You do not want to imagine our state or sizes after this! I can tell you what state we were in. That of a sloth and a python respectively! It is monumental task having to get up from your seat after eating THAT meal and then head out in the Mumbai heat. This time, the gods were with us. The weather was pleasant!

The best part, after what to you would seem like an orgy, we were presented with a bill of only Rs. 300. I am so not kidding!

I cannot tell you what to have and not have at Mysore Cafe- everything is just so sumptuous mouthwatering and blissful. The only drawback of this cafe is the absence of a washroom. I don’t know about others but I have always faced a little problem there after consuming close to four dubra coffees. 🙂

Cafe Mysore – bang at King’s Circle, Matunga
Bhaudaji Road, 461, Durlabh Nivas, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019
022 2402 1230 ‎

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