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The flour that does not work | The Flourworks, Pune

3 Jun

The Flourworks (TFW), Kalyaninagar, Pune. A very pretty cafe with an impressive menu and yummy looking dessert and bread display. But was the food as good? Not for me.

We went to TFW reading Karen Anand rave about it in TOI. On the lookout for a quiet brunch place on a Saturday, this place seemed ideal because of its location and reviews. Finding this place was a bit of an ordeal as it is located in a small lane in Kalyaninagar and there are no sign posts anywhere. The first impression was – nice and clean- which it is. The dessert and bread display as well as the menu was very ‘masterchef-y’. But the service and the taste/flavors of the food that we received left us cold- just like the chicken main or the BLT sandwich that we had. For the price that they were charging us for the food, one did not expect them to not know the basic rule in a good restaurant- never keep ready food lying on the counter and hot food is to be served ‘hot’ to the customer. I think TFW faced this problem more because of their kitchen layout. While the sandwich was made immediately at the counter downstairs, the stuffed chicken came from a kitchen upstairs. But both the dishes being served cold was appalling.

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The Classic BLT sandwich

The classic BLT here was a perfect example of how a BLT should not be- limp lettuce, tiny bit of bacon and two thick slices of tomato with dry toasted bread which seemed like it did not want to be a part of that sandwich. The only saving grace was the really nice homemade fries which were just right- crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. The spinach chicken mince stuffed in chicken breast with a cream sauce and broccoli was very unappealing. If you are charging me Rs. 300 for a main course dish, then the least that I would expect is that you season it properly and not keep the dish lying on your counter for 15 mins so that what I got was a cold chicken with sauce thickened on it and really cold broccoli. Who would want to eat that? Not to forget the fact that the chicken breast was as tiny as possible. Hmmmphh! :/

Spinach stuffed chicken with broccoli

But let me not write this place off completely. If you just want to catch up with your friends and are not very bothered about the food, then this cafe is ideal for a nice cup of coffee or mocktails- both were very good. You may want to have a chocolate croissant which comes with the perfect flaky pastry, but be warned, they put wee bits of 70% dark chocolate in it so you just might be left with a bitter taste in your mouth! 🙂 The honey oat bread that we took back home with us was delicious. The owner of the cafe tries to indulge in a bit of chitchat with her customers, which was quite cute but I wish she also prodded her staff to serve them well.

TFW is a cozy cafe with a pretty ambiance, good coffee and mocktails, scrumptious bread and nice desserts. Go only when you are ready to shell out about Rs. 1000 for two drinks, a sandwich and a main and a croissant.

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