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9 Mar
Puran Poli (Picture Courtesy:

Puran Poli (Picture Courtesy:

Holi is one my favorite festivals because I love playing with colors and water and the traditional sweet made on the occassion of holi in Maharashtra is Puran Poli. Every year my Aai would make puranpoli for Holi and would ensure that there was enough puran made to treat us with puranpolis hot off the tawa for atleast three days after the festival.  Since the past couple of years, I have been making this amazing poli for my family; and while it still needs a lot of practice I am happy to say that I have been able to crack the perfect ratios of chana dal, jaggery and sugar so that the puranpoli is just perfectly sweet and moist.

This year was different. A few days before holi I happened to have a humpty dumpty fall and fractured my leg, making me almost bedridden for a month. Here I was dealing with the anguish of the injury and the greater disappointment of not being able to make and EAT puranpoli this year, when M suggested that we order homestyle puranpolis this year. I was thrilled with the idea, but living in Pune where the concept of ‘home delivery beyond a certain distance’ is still alien and us living in the more cosmopolitan and not so marathi part of the city I was very skeptical whether I will get the puranpoli that I was looking for. So I put up a query on this amazing group on facebook called Pune Eat Outs and was recommended the puranpolis of Being very finicky about food, I had to be doubly sure and hence asked my foodie friend Anand Patankar, once he assured me that the puranpoli that he had tried from zipmeals was really tasty, I went ahead and placed an order. This puranpoli was packed as a unit of 2 puranpolis for Rs. 35 which I think is a very VFM price considering that one ends up paying upto 20 rupees for terrible tandoori rotis a whole lot of times. I had ordered 8 such packets (a total of 16 puranpolis) as we also had my in-laws home for dinner that day. Another reason why I was on tenterhooks till the time the parcel was delivered!

Shreeram Kunte, who owns had to field a couple of anxious calls from me about the delivery time and the quality of the food. He had told me that the food will be delivered by 9.15 pm latest, which we were okay with but had already expected a delay considering the festive traffic jam scenario! That delay happened and by the time we got the parcel it was 9.50 pm which was quite late for dinner time, and I promptly texted Mr. Kunte about it and he expressed his regret and apologies. The fact was that because everyone in the house was waiting to have puranpoli, no one had touched the other dinner stuff that was ready and were ravenous by the time the parcel actually arrived! No one wanted to wait till the food was re-heated and hence we had the puranpolis cold with slightly warm saajuk toop (desi ghee) on it. The first mouthful and we were in heaven, no one was speaking a word but just eating, including Raajas. 🙂 The puranpoli was a large sized one and ideally two would be absolutely enough for one person, but the gluttons that we are, we had more, and still managed to have some leftover which was very happily consumed for lunch the next day, duly warmed and drenched (well almost) in toop, so happy we were with it that we decided that this needs to be ordered atleast once each month!

So our lunch and dinner cost us Rs. 310 (including Rs. 30 delivery charge for orders below Rs. 500) and we did not have to move an inch from the comfort of our house. All pune people who think chitale, joshi foods etc. make good puranpolis; try the one from zipmeals, you will never go back to them again. I promise! The delivery time glitch aside (which Mr. Kunte has said they are urgently working on) we were very happy with this service. What are we ordering next from zipmeals? It is a toss up between the chicken biryani, the bengali thali, the khava poli and of course the puranpoli! 🙂

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