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Bubsterr’s pizza Kalyaninagar

23 May


Bubsterr’s pizza opened up near my house a few weeks back and we had heard good things about their food. We decided to try it tonight instead of ordering from our regular favourite places. On calling them up they confirmed that they do home deliver food and they also told us that there was a wedding happening nearby so the delivery will take about 30-35 mins. It is ten minutes away from my house, still 30 mins is fair time so we agreed.

We ordered the classic pepperoni pizza (10′ single slice), the classic chicken hotdog (with mustard, Mayo and caramelised onions) and the barbeque chicken pizza (again a 10′ single slice). The food arrived within the said time. The hotdog as well as the pizzas were cold when it arrived.

The barbeque chicken pizza – too thick, doughy and hard toasted base. It seemed almost like they had toasted the base first before adding the topping. Too little sauce, more processed cheese, less mozarella, a decent amount of chicken topping which tasted good. It also had some onion and mushrooms along with the chicken. In case anyone has mushroom allergies or aversions, you will need to specify. Good taste but when you are paying Rs. 170 for one slice (which is enough for a meal for one, coz there’s plenty dough in the base to go around), you do expect more. Also, the base had a hard side crust like that of a multi grain bread, not very great.

The pepperoni pizza – the same story as above. Hard thick doughy crust, 8 small slices of pepperoni (good!). Taste good but the overall experience below average. Rs. 180 for one slice. 

The chicken hot dog – this was good. Fresh soft bread, plenty of caramelised onions, a standard issue chicken sausage and good mustard. The hotdog lover husband enjoyed it. Big portion, quite good value for money. Rs. 110.

They also charged us Rs. 20 packaging charge for the triangular pizza boxes. The hot dog came wrapped in butter paper. Despite the packaging the food was not even lukewarm. 🙂 Another good thing, there was no tax extra of any kind and the bill was Rs. 480 for the three things.

Will I order again, I doubt it. Although the husband might if he craves hotdogs.

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