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The Flying Saucer Sky Bar, Pune

26 Jun

Monday I was invited for a tasting at the Flying Saucer Sky Bar in Pune. This is a relatively new rooftop bar which has opened up in Vimannagar. The view from the top is breathtakingly stunning, one would want to spend the entire night there with the beautiful breeze and the city lights around. It being monsoons, the roof was covered but I was told that in other seasons it is open to the sky, lounging under the stars – I sure would love that!

I joined a couple of other bloggers and we were first served their cocktails. I opted for their classic long island iced tea which was well made (not overly sweet) but very potent. The host there also made some signature peachy cocktail with elderflower flavour which was very refreshing too. Along with the cocktails we had the vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters. Of the non-vegetarian platters, I really like the kalimiri tikkas and also the shaami kebab was well spiced although a tad dry. On the vegetarian platter, the dahi ke kebab was interesting but a little sour for my liking. Also, there was a spinach roll which was an elaborate starter. The rest of the tikkas seemed a little dry.



Next came the BBQ chicken wings which would have made a decent accompaniment to beer. The salt and pepper prawns were a bit too salty, although the prawns were a good size and cooked right. For main course we had chicken chettinad a spicy chicken dish with assorted indian breads. The pindi chhole were too spicy for me so I couldnt sample it too much. The dal makhani needed a little seasoning and was reasonably good after that. The desserts had nice tarts and doughnuts. Overall, a beautiful ambience to hang out with friends and have a relaxed evening. The food had its hits and misses but it was a good attempt! The menu is vast and will leave spoilt for choice. A special mention for their choice of music- very good!


Whereelse cafe, Vimannagar

22 Jun


A couple of days back we had a fiasco with trying to get food delivered home from whereelse cafe but their menu just wouldn’t go out of my mind. So today was the perfect excuse – a rainy Sunday, cook absconding and the fact that we were in Vimannagar around lunch time for work ; we landed there, whereelse? (Couldn’t resist the cheesy pun! 😉 )

This new eatery on the block promises an American diner kind of menu and ambience (quite fun and quirky). We loved the huge ceiling fan in the al fresco section and the spacious sofas and colourful chairs. The overall vibe was young, fun and relaxed. They had a special BOGO offer for father’s day on a choice of four mains but we were not able to avail of that coz the father was stuck on the goan boy pepperoni sandwich and the mother on the BBQ chicken, since Friday!


So that’s what we ordered along with the buffalo chicken munchies (crumbed chicken strips, deep fried) and fresh lime soda for the 3 year old boy. And yes, we also ordered the beer chicken chowder (shared portion) which was just perfect with the rains outside. This chowder has just the right amount of beer flavour, enough pieces of chicken for a soup and the correct thickness, our dil went mmmmm… at that.


Next came the goan boy sandwiches which had a robust smoky flavoured pepperoni. We both found the pepperoni to be less spicy and I thought the smoked flavour was bordering on bitter, but a big portion and good sandwich overall. I had to wait for my barbeque chicken and it turned up without the potato mash, which was promptly corrected. The barbeque chicken was good and it was a pleasure to see a non ketchupy BBQ sauce, over grilled chicken, some garlic bread, veggies and creamy delicious mashed potato. This dish was so good that my son abandoned the chicken crispy strips and attacked the grilled chicken. The buffalo chicken strips were a tad oily and also had a good amount of turmeric and some red chilli powder, not something you expect to see in an American dish. Not that great.

Despite having had so much food, the weather forced us to give in to the temptation of a hot cup of coffee and the boy had some cold coffee. The cold coffee was good and also had some chocolate sauce on the inside of the glass. The hot coffee was served in a huge mug (one coffee is enough for two, easily!). We sorely missed a cappuccino and on asking were told that their coffee machine has broken down and they will be getting another one soon.

For all of this food we paid Rs. 1100 (inclusive of 5% service charge and tax) which was quite value for money. I will definitely go there again to have that chowder and to sample their breakfast menu.

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