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Sugran’s Kolhapuri, Sadashiv Peth | A kolhapuri homestyle meat fest

12 Sep

Sugran’s kolhapuri, sadashiv peth, shedge wadi, Pune.

Three hours of walking, exploring, shopping later we were tired and famished. We needed a place where we could sit down in peace and have a wholesome meal. Punjabi/dosas/matar karanjis were not going to do, so the multitude snack homes in the area were not an option. Luckily I remembered having read about sugrans nonveg and a quick search on zomato for the address and a phone call to confirm that it is open, we were set. Funnily we walked past the restaurant twice as all the signages were covered with the ganapati mandaps. The third time the owner called out, are you looking for sugrans? 😀 Yes, yes! And we entered a hidden alfresco (covered) area at the back of the front mess style restaurant.


Shaded, cool, reasonably clean ; the menu claimed ‘kolhapuri is not just spicy, its a unique taste’ – and I knew we were in for a treat. We ordered one sugrans chicken masala loncha thali, one mutton kheema masala and one shev bhaaji accompanied with polis. The thali comprised of a uniquely spiced chicken curry (drumstick) which was quite close to the chettinad chicken curries I have had (minus the curry leaves), chicken loncha which was not super hot but beautifully spiced and very fresh, egg curry (home style good), chicken kheema, tambda and pandhra rassa and polis. This was a veritable chicken fest, and was too much to finish for a person with a big appetite too. The food was not ‘crazy tikhat (hot)’ and the preparation was very typical to kolhapuri food found in assal kolhapur.

The mutton kheema was amazing! After a long time I was eating a beautifully rendered kheema which was not acidity causing or too hot to handle the heat – just perfect. The hot ghadichi poli was ‘apratim’, so soft and straight off the tawa.

The shev bhaaji lacked the depth of spices but still was a good dish for vegetarians. But this place is definitely more for meat eaters than vegetarians as the food options were quite few. All food came with tambda and pandhra rassa which again was just right to balance the masala in the food. The pandhra rassa especially helped clear my blocked sinus! Service – unobtrusive, attentive, quick.
All this food plus four soft drinks cost us Rs. 780.

Next time you are in the peth area you need not stick to the vegetarian fare, there’s more than enough non-veg on offer at sugrans – go eat your fill.


Sweet Boutique By Aditi | Home baker | Cake Review

7 Sep


After a really long time I was feeling like selfishly not writing this post. Why? Because like one guards a favourite recipe, I was thinking if I make this public then soon this little secret will be known by every one and the person responsible will become too busy to take small orders like mine. But then again, I could not resist flaunting this fabulous cake, which was made by Aditi for my dad’s 60th birthday.

So I contacted Aditi seeing her work on her Facebook page, because hers seemed like real cakes, especially the cupcakes seemed very similar to what I bake. Those who know me can vouch for the fact that I am very annoyingly finicky about desserts. I just cannot tolerate ready mix sponges masquerading as cakes because to me a real cake is one which is made from scratch, and where the cake – tastes like cake and not some ridiculous soaked sponge lost in tons of cream. When I first spoke to Aditi about my cake requirement – a 4 kg eggless vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting and butterscotch filling, I literally ate her head to ensure that it was made from scratch. And still I was on tenterhooks till the time I had actually tasted the cake at the event. Was I glad I asked her to bake! After a very long time, I was tempted to have two servings of a frosted cake. It was very very good, made with best possible ingredients and not mega soaked in syrup still soft, soft like a good cake should be.

The design was based on the pictures I had sent her and on her suggestion I went for a two tiered cake, which added to the wow factor. Thank you for suggesting that Aditi! The fondant toppers were kept to the minimum and this cake was 4 kg cake plus frosting as this much cake was enough for two servings (or more) each for 85 people. Her parents very kindly delivered the cake to the venue and it arrived at the requested time.

Will I be ordering again? Oh yes! She is my official large event baker from now on. All the very best to you Aditi. Keep up the good work! And people, this is the baker you want to get your cakes from.

Here’s the link to her facebook page : Sweet Boutique By Aditi in case you want to place an order. 🙂

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