Oktoberfest | Effingut brewerkz

18 Oct


For the longest time I was a big fan of the mustard prawns at Effingut Brewerkz, KP. But now I have a new mega favorite, the mini meatloaf with the mustard glaze on the oktoberfest special menu. It would be unfair to call it good, or delicious. It was the best meatloaf I have had in the longest time. I ll be honest here, when I first saw the menu, I was not blown away with it. I thought ok, from this I guess I would like to eat the hotdog and the mustard chicken. But when I tried that food.. OMG! No kidding.. you want german food which has been made suitable to our palate without compromising much on how it really should be? head to effingut, now! because there’s only four more days left to this culinary delight and I am kicking myself for not having gone there earlier. I also had the most amazing hotdog with german style curry- piquant and elevating the caramelized onions to such heights that the sausage was made irrelevant. You think I am overdoing the praise? No way. I could have easily had that hotdog without the sausage (the sausage was a little meh anyway!). They also had a whole lot of other difficult to pronounce but delicious to eat food of which the smoked ham toasts and the chicken mince balls were the stars and yes, the creamy spinach toast without overdoing the cream was very less is more too!


The chicken doner did not need the sour cream on top as the chicken and the coleslaw were stellar on their own. And yes for the fans of nouvelle cuisine- there also was a deconstructed pie- pie filling in a tangy creamy sauce and puff pastry circle on top/bottom however you reconstruct it on your plate. It reminded me of the joy of a chicken pot pie that I make at home. The apple strudel was good but the savories are far better.

And yes the new beers are very good too.. but for once, I was just way too enraptured by the food.

Go there now! Thank me later!


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