Effingut Lunch Buffet at Effingut Brewerkz

21 Jan


Did you know that effingut has an effingut lunch buffet happening on weekdays? And that this week you have their fab bbq chicken wings, crispy chilly potato and the ever famous khowsuey on the menu?
Well, if you did not know it yet, you know now!

Mayuresh and I managed to go on a quiet lunch date to effingut yesterday and was it fun! The music was peppy but not loud, the ambiance is what we have always loved, the beer (you still want me to write about it?), not to forget the BOGO on beer and drinks and the very good food.

Apart from the wings and chilli potato, they also had fish fingers and wontons which were good and fresh. The BBQ sauce on the wings and the tartar sauce needs a special mention – great stuff. The caesar salad was delish too, although a bit overdressed but that’s how everyone likes it around these parts, so I am sure everyone will love it. The dressing was perfect. Enough has been written about their khowsuey so I don’t have anything more to add, other than the fact that I had only khowsuey and a bit of the murg mussalam for mains. The murg mussalam was a surprise package which could put even Punjab grill/moti mahal and the likes of essentially punjabi restaurants to shame. I wish I had more appetite, I am sorry I could not do it justice.

Manu Gulati- you and your team, deserve special accolades for the sheer consistency that you guys achieve each time. Like a friend, Aditi, said the other day- you know how to turn our day around, in a happy way of course. All you people who think effingut is too lively for you, make the most of this weekday lunch offer. Great food, great drinks, great music and you can really talk to each other, take ample pictures and selfies and the best part – no one will rush you with your meal. Go have fun and thank Manu Gulati later! 😉

P.S. There also was some biryani available which I didn’t try as I was enamored by the khowsuey. We didn’t try any soup (we had beer!! ) or the other vegetarian starters as one can only hog so much.

P.P.S. This is not a paid post or a sponsored meal, we very happily paid only about Rs. 1500 for a meal for two with two large beers. This is a steal!!

Side note: We were initially looking for something around magarpatta so that it would be easier to get back to work, but we landed up at effingut. That’s how much we love the place!

Ok, OK.. NO MORE EFFINGUT POSTS.. for a while atleast! 😛


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