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Crazy Noodles, Amanora Mall | Good Food, Generous Portions

4 Apr

Crazy Noodles for us has been a highly dependable, easy meal restaurant which does not leave us guilty of having indulged beyond limits on the food as well as money front. Having tried the phoenix market city as well as amanora town centre outlets a number of times, I can safely say that any time I am looking for a guaranteed good meal without having to pore through a very long menu, I would go to Crazy Noodles.

The decor at this restaurant is fun and casual with pictures of people eating noodles, on the wall. At the centre of the restaurant is the kitchen, which is fun to watch on a monday morning leisurely lunch but can get quite noisy on a busy saturday evening. The servers are very attentive and always make it a point to ask about preferences for mushroom, coconut milk, brinjals etc. The menu is simple and has only about 4 to 5 choices in each category for veg as well as non veg. Crazy noodles serves the usual Chindian (Indian style Chinese) and some Asian fare. From my numerous visits over the past couple of years, my favorites are –

  • The chicken dimsums – Beautiful thin covering and delicious juicy well seasoned chicken filling.
  • Chicken/ Veg spring rolls – unlike the conventional thick maida roti cover rolls, the ones served here are crisp, non oily made using egg roll/spring roll wrappers – the kinds used for patti samosa.
  • Sweet corn chicken and manchow soup – well made, nothing extraordinary but hits the right comforting notes
  • Chicken Fried Rice – Delicious, fluffy (each grain separate) with ample vegetables, egg and chicken.
  • American Chopsuey – Stellar. No crazy red color added, well balanced sweet and sour taste, loaded with veggies and pineapple.
  • Thai green/red curry noodles – This is one of the reasons why I love crazy noodles. They don’t make you unnecessarily order two dishes when you could very well do with one. Their Thai green or red curry noodles are a combination of the curry and noodles. Check out the picture to note that this bowl of soupy noodles is loaded with vegetables and chicken. No skimping here.
  • Thukpa – Very few places in Pune have thukpa on their menu, crazy noodles is one of them. Their version is what you want when you are down with cold – the hot, comforting bowl of soupy noodles in a broth – guaranteed to open up all the blocked sinuses.
  • Mojito Incognito – A very cleverly designed mocktail using a¬†kaffir lime infused lemon cordial which gives it an unusual zing. We always order this and do not miss the alcohol.

If you happen to go to crazy noodles, please remember that their portions are huge. One of their dishes is called the Sumo Ramen (which I am yet to try) which needs to be shared by four people if they also want to eat some other stuff. Our typical meal for two and a half includes one soup (shared between two), one portion of dimsums (6 nos.), one curry noodles or curry and fried rice. We have never been able to manage appetite for a dessert there, although I have heard that their honey noodles with icecream are very good. Our 4 year old boy always insists on having the mojito incognito, the dimsums and ‘plain white noodles’. They always give him a small bowl of plain noodles, which is more than enough for him, on the house. Attentive service, great portion size, good food (have never had any tummy upsets/acidity after eating here), reasonable pricing – what more can one ask for?

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