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It’s Complicated | Boteco Deli and Grill

26 Dec



My first ‘oh my god, I want to eat that’ moment while watching a movie was the scene where Meryl Streep makes a croque monsieur for Steve Martin in ‘It’s Complicated’. Ever since, I have been looking for a real croque monsieur that will make me go all warm and fuzzy at first bite and then on to more cosy cocoons in my heart. It finally happened, after about 6 years of having watched the movie for the first time. At Boteco Deli and Grill, Vimannagar, Pune.

The oxford dictionary very diffidently defines the ‘croque monsieur’ as A fried or grilled cheese and ham sandwich. The truth could not be farther than that. Boteco Deli and grill makes a croque monsieur with the perfect american sandwich bread – soft but strong enough to be able to withstand the delicious cheese oozing out from the perfect thinly sliced ham. The ham is reportedly imported and has just the right amount of smokiness complimenting the cheese. But what seals the deal is the mornay sauce and additional cheese (gruyere, hopefully) that they smear on the inside and on top of the sandwich, which when exposed to a hot grill comes cheesy bubbly slightly caramelized – Nirvana! They also have a croque madame version with a fried egg on top of the croque monsieur. The egg could have been more runny but the sandwich underneath overshadowed with its perfection.


So good was the croque monsieur that we travelled 15 kms on a holiday to have just that TWO DAYS in a row! And I am very happy to report that the croque monsieur was exactly the same on both the days. Now that is no mean feat to achieve at a time where only a handful of restaurants in Pune would score a 10/10 on consistency. The second time we went there we also had the chicken pie. This deceptively listed item on the menu is a huge portion which can easily make for lunch a` deux, and is another item which I would very happily travel the aforementioned distance for. The chicken pie has the most buttery melt in the mouth short crust pastry which literally melts in the mouth without crumbling on the fork when you try to eat. Now that is a huge achievement as in our weather, achieving an exemplary short crust is very difficult. The chicken filling inside was delicious and cooked just right but what lifted the pie to new heights was the use of a layer of creme fraiche on top of the chicken filling. Very clever and scrumptious indeed.


Boteco the flagship restaurant has brazilian cuisine and the deli in vimannagar has a relatively mix cuisine and am I glad for that! On our first visit we also tried the prawn pastel which was very similar to the prawn karanji that we make at home, only difference, the pastry was a large square here with prawn and onions filling inside. While the filling was great, the pastry needed a tad more shortening and hence was a little tough and chewy on frying. Another delectable ‘side’ item on their menu is the corn souffle. Mind you, it does not look like a souffle at all, but one spoonful and it had us hooked. Albeit being made of just eggs, corn and cheese, this souffle was not egg-y at all.

Apart from the great food and welcoming ambience, they also have good juices and iced tea. Their desserts were wanting and I would suggest that you opt out of desserts there and walk down to wild sugar or some such desserts bar, if at all you have any appetite left for more.

When we walked out of boteco grill yesterday, we were in such a food coma that we were not able to move a limb and had happy happy smiles on our faces. It has been only 24 hours and I cannot wait to go back.




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