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Polka Dots, Pune | Where I first sampled ‘firang’ food

20 Jul

Polka Dots has been a favorite since my earlier times in Pune. This is where I had my first roast chicken, laksa, caesar salad, schnitzel, BBQ chicken wings, mozzarella fingers and of course a whole many types of pasta. Back in 2008 when I lived in Aundh, Polka Dots was this ‘new little neighboring restaurant where you get awesome food’. To my delight, it now has expanded into a chain of restaurants in Pune and there is one very close-by to where I live now, in Kalyaninagar. Last Sunday, we were in the mood to eat some Mastercef-y but pocket friendly food. Of course our latest pre-reqS of a restaurant being a baby friendly, quiet, not too much waiting was, as usual, making the task of deciding on a restaurant difficult. Plus restaurants in bigger cities don’t reserve a table for you on weekends. And suddenly, the no fuss Polka Dots came to our mind.

I have a secret soft corner for restaurants that write their ‘plat du jour’ on a green/black board in chalk. I just love love love such places and it somehow assures me that the food will be good. I know that’s crazy but hey, that’s me! Polka Dots does that too. The one in Kalyaninagar is housed in a commercial complex and is actually quite a small place but the food makes up for it- the very reason why I have never seen the place empty. Their service is very good and quick, you can see the chefs making your food through the glass, the ambiance is minimalistic and clean. The only flip side is, don’t go wearing a skirt (like I did) or you’ll give the mosquitoes a good meal.

Let me come to the food bit. A couple of MUST HAVEs here- BBQ chicken wings, mexican corn soup, mini burgers, schnitzel, roast chicken, palak corn subzi (yeah, seems out of place but their Indian food is quite good too!), mozzarella fingers (ours were lacking a bit of seasoning this time), all of the seafood pasta, lamb gravy and from their desserts- blueberry cheese cake, chocolate mousse (super yum), banoffee pie.

Mexican corn soup

Mozzarella fingers

The last time we went, we had BBQ chicken wings, mozzarella fingers, teriyaki chicken, the mexican corn soup, mushroom risotto and chocolate mousse. The bill was about Rs. 1500 and all this food fed three foodies to the brim. The teriyaki chicken was very good and tender but was unnecessarily drizzled with mayo. The mushroom risotto was not good and was dry, it had probably been standing on the kitchen counter for longer than a risotto should. The rest were cracker dishes and we absolutely polished them off.

mushroom risotto

Teriyaki Chicken- quite liked the plating

BBQ chicken wings- sorry, I remembered to click a picture tad too late. 😉

Chocolate Mousse- I don’t like restaurants serving desserts in plastic containers, but that mousse by itself was oh-so-good.

I wish they started serving some wine and beer but till then this is the place to go when you are really hungry and want to have good good food. I am not a fan of their Asian fare, a much better place for that is ‘Mythical East’ at the Seasons Hotel, Aundh. You want authentic Italian you go to Darios, KP. You want some good British/American grub, go to Polka Dots! 😉

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