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Cafe Cuba | Product review

28 Jul
A fizzy coffee drink by parle agro

A fizzy coffee drink by parle agro

It has been a while since I posted any reviews of foodie places here. The only reason being, these days we eat out very very rarely. Having a kid has made even us much more conscious about what we are eating and how it is made. So a while back we hired a cook (named Seema who has been rechristened as ‘Aayo‘ by Raajas), and bless our stars that we happened to find one who was as interested in cooking foods other than roti subzi as we were in eating them. So now not only does she make us ‘better than restaurant quality’ chicken, fish and paneer but has also learnt how to prep and make quiches, bread and salads. Touch wood!

Now you can understand why we hardly (need to/get to) eat out! This led to a new product review series on this blog which is about food and not just necessarily food joints. I am starting off with a product by Parle Agro called Cafe Cuba, which is being widely promoted these days. We accidentally happened to buy this can of coffee drink thinking it is some new cold coffee. But when I went to read the information on the can I realized that this is actually a coffee flavoured fizzy drink!! With a lot of trepidation, I opened the can and had a sip – it tasted like instant coffee mixed with sprite and some more sugar. I was not too encouraged to drink any more but then I convinced myself that my taste buds were too tame and had a go at it again. This time, I was left with a strange synthetic aftertaste. It has the distinctive aroma of coffee alright, but on drinking it just did not seem right. I so wish it was just a strong cold coffee instead!

What was worth appreciating was the mention of ‘caffeine added’ and ‘no artificial sweetners’ on the can. But then, it contained 15 g of sugar which is equivalent to 1 tablespoon in that small can of 150 ml coffee fizzy drink. I thought it to be a strange way to have soo much sugar and still be left with that funny aftertaste, which actually made me drink water and eat some fruit, to get rid of it. A big thumbs down to cafe cuba from my side. What was your experience?

P.S. This is not a sponsored review.

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