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Minus 18 degrees, Baner | Cafe Review

17 Aug

En route to bavdhan on 15th August, we went to MED for a brunch. We reached by 10.30 and the place was full, which was a good sign , but this time I was going to be cautious and not expect to be wowed – which was a good thing, because that is just what happened.

We were offered the shared table inside and we took it as it was not very pleasant outside. On seating, for quite a while we were not given a menu card or water or anything. Also, there was a crazy din happening in the place, akin to a kitty party happening in a cafe. A quick look around and I found that it was not the people but the staff who were constantly talking, chitchatting to each other which was the reason behind that noise.

After a while when we were handed over the pretty menu (full marks for that, best menu design/styling in town), we ordered – one cappuccino, orange mojito, one 3 egg country style omelette, waffles, Mac and cheese, cheesy garlic bread and red velvet cake.
The cappuccino was standard affair, while the orange mojito was good, refreshing. The waffles were nicely crisp but had a bitter aftertaste. The cheesy garlic bread was just too dry, the cheese was only on top and the sliced loaf was not buttered enough on the inside and had chopped garlic scattered in. Quite sad!

The omelette was good, the bell pepper and mushroom filling inside was good too- albeit it didn’t have any cheese sauce inside unlike what was described on the menu, just some cheese and peppers and mushroom. The hash brown on top of the omelette was soggy and the toast was a quick job on a very hot grill, which gave it the pretty grill markings but didn’t toast it enough. There was also a dollop of butter on the side which was really necessary and welcome.

The Mac and cheese was tiny elbow pasta in a cheese sauce laced with paprika and most shockingly – bread crumbs scattered in top, garnish! No, the bread crumbs are not shocking – a good Mac and cheese is a baked dish (that’s the description thankfully) topped with panko. But this was very far from a ‘classic’ Mac and cheese. For starters, it was not baked, at all. 😦

Finally, red velvet cake. This I was expecting to be good. I really did think that finally I will find a red velvet cake with real cream cheese frosting. But the one here was a red velvet lacking the gumption to carry enough tart of the cream cheese. So this was again mostly cream, barely a hint of cream cheese and red sponge soaked in syrup.

One of the biggest reasons why I will never go to MED again was the fact there were many many flies in the cafe. They probably had a power cut and so no aircon and the tiny windows behind the omelette station were open and many flies were buzzing around. Trying to eat a meal, ignoring the din in the cafe and waving off flies wanting to sit on your food is definitely not my idea of a meal out. And yes, on my way out of the cafe I also noticed fresh cupcakes having arrived at the baked goodies display and the cupcakes lying on top of the display counter, not covered!! Just not acceptable.

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