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Asian Street Food Fest at Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune

23 Apr
The delicate pho soup

The delicate pho soup

Its been a while since I have moved to Pune, but I was missing meeting my blogger friends back in Mumbai. So it came as a welcome surprise when I got invited by Pune Foodiez for a Pune Food Bloggers meet at the Baan Tao restaurant of Hyatt Pune. The Asian Street Food Fest is being hosted every Thursday at Baan Tao from 7.30 pm onwards. The very first thing that struck me about the restaurant was the spaciousness and the beautiful waterfall, dinner by the sound of cascading water is nothing short of wonderful. That, and the restraint exercised in using red color in the overall ambiance, was appreciated.

Coming to the food, they had small stalls/counters of various street food that one would typically find in Malaysia, Thailand and some parts of Singapore. Being an ardent dimsum fan, that is what drew my attention first. Pork gyoza, chicken, chicken and prawn and vegetable were the options available. I absolutely loved the pork gyoza and for me it was a showstopper. The chicken one was good too, but I have had juicier chicken dimsums at other places.

Soup counter

I next tried the soups- Pho and Khowsuey. The pho is a vegetable clear soup and the khowsuey is coconut milk based herbaceous with pungent overtones. Both the soups could be customized by adding in vegetables, noodles, roasted garlic, peanuts, or chicken. I wish they also had some prawns, fish and pork along with the chicken. The pho did not impress as the stock was not gutsy and the khowsuey was good, although I would have loved it if they had added some more lemon grass to it. I was hoping to be able to sample some Laksa, but it was not part of the menu on that day. But the sheer choice and effort behind customizing each soup was commendable.


Soup Counter

Yet another dish that I will never forget was the beef tenderloin from the grills counter. I have never, ever tasted beef that was so tender and so delicious. The fish wrapped in banana leaf and grilled was another stunner- the kick of lemongrass that it had, mind blowing! I did not think much of the grilled chicken, crabcakes and paneer, but the prawns wrapped in bacon were tasty too. Oh and that beef!! 😉

We were then served thai iced tea which tasted more like an overtly sweet chai milkshake (it had condensed milk in it!!) than any refreshing iced tea but I have feeling that they would be able to do a good job of a standard lemon/peach iced tea too. The noodles and stir fries that we tried seemed pretty run of the mill and one could have had similar stuff from any regular asian take away. So I went back to some pork gyoza to keep the taste feast alive!

Nasi Goreng

The desserts counter had sago pudding and turon which is a deep fried banana crepe served with fresh fruits and some compote- neither was going anywhere on the taste front. Although, if you are going to sample asian street food, why deviate anywhere other than dimsums, grills and soups like laksa?

The service at Hyatt Pune was attentive. The guys at the grills and dimsums counter were struggling a bit probably due to the huge demand. Will I go here again? Yes, but only for the dimsums and the grills- that’s what’s worth saving your appetite for.

Asian Street Food, at Baan Tao- Hyatt Pune.

Where: Baan Tao-Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar
April 2014 onwards
Price: INR 999 + taxes*
Timing: 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm

* Please note I did not have to pay for this particular dinner as I was very kindly invited by Pune Foodiez and Hyatt Pune.

Pune Foodiez is a leading group of foodies, social media enthusiasts and food bloggers from Pune. They sure take their food seriously as all of them were seen tasting, deliberating and then tweeting, instagramming. I was in awe of these guys. But then the aromas of the peppery beef tenderloin distracted me and I went back to eating!

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